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Thank you for visiting LW Strategic Marketing where thinking is done out-of-the-box.

Choosing the right marketing activities and technology to promote a service, increase sales or educate a client has always been challenging. Today, when consumers are on-the-go and markets are much more dynamic, it is crucial to identify the right product in the right market for the right consumer at the right time. LW Strategic Marketing does exactly that!

An in-house marketing professional would probably choose to invest his or her marketing budget in advertising and direct-mail simply based on their background, without considering other relevant activities.  LW Strategic Marketing offers more!!! We analyze the big-picture in terms of immediate impact to maximize your bottom line and return on investment. 

Your successful process begins by identifying what would work for a product in its specific consumer and market settings.  Experience gained five years ago would not necessarily work nowadays.

LW Strategic Marketing is based outside of Manhattan. We can help with all or some of these marketing activities! We work with small, medium and large companies locally, regionally and nationwide. We work with international clients on bridging cultural differences to develop local presence. We can also offer the best marketing solution for your next idea.

If we got your attention, please take a few minutes to review the list of services we offer, why we are the right choice for your business, a list of clients we already worked with and our resources pages.

Be sure to contact us so we can start helping you today!

The time is now!

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