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We believe that keeping up with market trends is a key for success. We have chosen a few items to support some of our claims.
As Albert Einstein once said:

"I never teach my pupils;
I only attempt to provide the conditions in which they can learn"

We believe that these articles will help explain the business world we live in. If you enjoy these be sure to drop us a line and mention it, more importantly, if you disagree or believe that something is misrepresented please do the same.

  • Advertisng Spend breakdown

  • U.S. measured media spending for all advertisers totalled $149 billion.

  • Three Main Shopper Styles

  • Are we atracting the three main shopper styles identifed by Henkel?

  • Kimberly-Clark Shares Tried-And-True Shopper Marketing Tactics

  • Mark Scott, VP of Shopper Marketing and sales planning describes Kimberly Clark's in-store activities.
    Simply fascinating!

  • OgilvyAction's Roth Explains Shopper Marketing

  • Roth calls it "the last mile." This is the moment of truth when consumers actually puts their money where their mouth is and purchases an item in-store.
    even in this economy when shoppers have less money, shopper-programs are considered more effective. It has to close a sale where traditional media can't help but must out perform your competition’s retail activities

  • What is Shopper Marketing, Anyway?

  • this 2009 article describes that shopper marketing account for 7% of marketing budget, or more than $2 Billion.

  • How Does Shopper Marketing Influence Your In-Store Strategy?

  • LG-Mobile believes that in-store experience has proven to be a valuable advertising medium.



The time is now!









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