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Whether you have a marketing department with many full-time employees or you are an owner trying to maximize your next marketing step, LW Strategic Marketing will review and focus on strategy, product, service, market and your target consumer to recommend, and if you may wish, implement the stages required for your success.  We shall require your input and will build on it to maximize your return.  No single person can oversee and objectively choose the right mix of activities, no single department can do it and in many cases no insider can achieve what we offer.

There is no one single formula for success! Every product is different, each market requires a different approach and most importantly each consumer segment will be reached out to differently.  Therefore, we cannot prioritize the following list but only highlight some of the services we offer.  In many cases we would suggest a few activities to be combined effectively to create a winner.

  • marketing and business strategy
    • where are you?
    • where do you want to be?
    • fastest way to get there?
    • competitive review & analysis
  • shopper marketing (in-store activities)
    • in-store advertising
    • point-of-purchase displays
    • annual programs
  • website solutions
    • website creation, design and development
    • pay-per-click campaigns
    • SEO and search engine marketing
  • brand management
    • awareness, signage
    • design consistency, positioning
    • packaging
  • corporate identity
    • image
    • trademarks
    • environment friendly
  • lead generation
    • trade shows
    • database (exiting and new)
    • direct mail
  • marketing collateral
    • brochures, presentations
    • spec sheets, proposals
    • letterhead
  • press releases
    • brand
    • image
    • corporate awareness
  • price structure
    • market positioning
    • same products different applications
  • above-the-line advertising
    • television
    • radio
    • out-of-home
  • below-the-line advertising
    • newspaper
    • magazines
    • word-of mouth
    • viral marketing 
  • strategic alliances with other firms
    • partnership
    • acquisitions
    • mergers
  • distribution channels
    • value added resellers
    • retailers
    • direct marketing
    • multi-channel integration
  • additional internet tools
    • social networks
    • advertising
  • customer retention
    • loyalty programs
    • assessment and development

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