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We have been exposed to many unique and effective campaigns. As part of the process of providing meaningful advice, we can also source the most effective solutions for our clients and the solutions we offer make the written-word a thing of the past. Henry Ford once said:

"A man who stops advertising to save money is like
a man who stops a clock to save time."

Wise words but advertising is not the only available choice to promote your product, service or brand. It may be the one that is most recognized as it takes the largest portion of the budget (see resources page for more info) but it may not be the most effective one for your project.

If you are too busy running your project (hence, doing what you know to do best) we will be more than happy to suggest and source the most effective solution on your behalf, only a few concepts are highlighted below, contact us today for your next successful campaign:

- augmented reality

- online projects

- digital signage

- backlit fixtures (LEDs and incandescent lighting)

- mirror with interlaced image that comes up by a motion sensor

- motion technologies

- lenticular (static and active)

- counter mats

- floor graphics

- window graphics

- digital signage

On-premise advertising and education. The consumer is already here, let's provide her or him with information about the product and service, maybe a specific product feature, etc.

- interactive digital kiosks

- other at-retail decor

- LED programmable displays

Technology today allows to attract those who are on-the-go. Whether they are passing the designated point of consumption or miles away they are potential prospects. Let's educate them about your low interest rates or that you are now offering free coffee with lunch or that happy hour is between 2 and 5pm. many out-of-home mediums are available, such as electronic billboards, electronic message centers and electronic, even interactive mall signage:


- lenticular shirts
- internet advertising programs
- and so much more

The time is now!

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